Have you ever hiked to the top of a mountain? Didn’t it feel great to finally get to the summit and take in the views? Achieving that success takes planning, courage, practice, communication, teamwork, and a belief that you can do it.   

Interviewing is very similar to hiking a mountain. Making it to the top, or having a great interview or round of interviews requires the same exact attributes, they are just applied in a different way. Planning out what you need to do to achieve success is a step by step process.  Remember the process is not entirely done until you have completed your post interview notes and follow up.

Step 1 – Know the mountain you are climbing – know the organization and people who you will be interviewing with.   

Step 2 – Know the questions that they will be asking you. 

Step 3 – Practice responding to their questions. 

Step 4 – Know the questions that you will be asking them. 

Step 5 – Practice asking your questions. 

Step 6 – Visualize success.   

 Step 7-Write down the details of the interview and prepare to leverage that knowledge in the future rounds.  

Step 8-Thank the people personally for sharing time with you.    

Nuances of this process are: Preparing specific content such as a 30-60-90 day plan of action.    

Trust the process because the view is worth it. Making it to the top of the mountain will never be easy, but you are capable.


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