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Chapter 4. Celebrating Your Brand Kickoff

In this video, I am setting the “mind bridge” for a 6 part series entitled Celebrating Your Brand.

Chapter 3. The Power of Perseverance

Sometimes it just takes that little extra push to propel your job search from resume submission to the interview stage! Check out Luke’s story!

Chapter 2. Mindset and Humiliation

How do you maintain a rational mindset when faced with a humiliating experience? Check out my POWER THOUGHT solution that really works.

Chapter 1. Mindsets

Are you making a major job transition that is being powered by negative thinking? Stop a bad decision by making a better decision. Get your mindset right and then push forward. You end up in your next valuable place.

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Passion is what drives us

I require highly motivated career driven professionals to transform themselves & achieve the positions they are meant for.